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The Studio

C2B Studios LLC is an indie game studio founded by sole developer Charlie Burnett.  Charlie is a 23 year old civil engineering student, who put his degree on hold in order to pursue his dream of making his ideal game: Frontier.  He is entirely self taught, with no formal experience in the games industry.

"I feel that a paradigm shift is coming to the industry.  The software and hardware that is becoming accessible to more and more people is game changing.  It enables a small team to do what would have taken a hundred to accomplish just 10 years ago."  -Charlie Burnett

"We live in the age of information.  Personally, I've found that if you want to learn something, no matter how specialized, you can do so, for free, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort." -Charlie Burnett


It's 1809, and the Corps of Discovery has recently returned from their expedition into the new American wilderness.  They brought home tales of a land filled with an endless bounty of fur, game, and gold, spurring thousands of people to flock up the mighty Missouri river to find their fortunes.  Little do they know of the true horrors lurking in this land of riches.  Discounted as myths and legends by optimistic voyagers, blinded by the promise of wealth and adventure, many do not understand the mistake they've made until it is too late.  You are among them, and it is up to you whether you survive, thrive, or die trying in this harsh new frontier!

Frontier is an ambitious title with a variety of features and mechanics one would associate with a AAA release.  It is being developed in the ground breaking Unreal Engine 5, which allows the full potential this game to be unlocked. 

Here is a peek at some of the features to expect:

  • 7 unique maps, totalling nearly 40 km^2 of playable area

  • Complete world clock and calendar, with day/night cycle, moon cycle, and seasons

  • Dynamic weather and temperature, affected by time of day and time of year

  • Survival mechanics: hunger, thirst, and body temperature

  • In depth building system: 80+ building items including fully modular and preset blueprints.  Different types of trees and per item placement allow detailed building customization

  • Keelboat: main form of transportion.  Upgrade it's cargo space, crew capacity, and firepower to go on longer, more dangerous expeditions into the wilderness.  Fast travelling between maps can take weeks of in game time, and you must prepare accordingly

  • Unique enemies: Wendigo, Skinwalker, Yeti, Werebear, Rake, and Werewolf are all major threats, in addition to humans, who are hostile in many situations

  • Wildlife: a diverse set of wildlife is present throughout the world and it's various biomes, from deer and elk to grizzly bear and bighorn sheep.  

  • Diverse combat system: flintlock rifles and pistols only have one shot before a long reload, so players will have to resort to melee combat in many situations.

  • Moral compass: the player has a moral compass with an honor axis and a dread axis.  Nearly every action you take affects this in some way, and NPCs will interact with you differently based on it's values.  This allows you to be a dreaded saint, an infamous coward, or anything in between

  • Dismemberment: all human and monster NPCs are dismemberable down to the hands and feet.  You can use this to create horrific acts of intimidation.  But beware of cannabilism, or you may find out first hand how the Wendigo came to be...

  • Play with friends: a host player can have up to 7 friends join their game at once.  Friends can come and go as they please, and their character and inventory will be saved for when they come back.  Explore together, battle horrific beasts, lay siege to eachother's forts: the possibilities are endless!

  • Many play styles: In addition to fully customizing your own mountain man/woman, there are many play styles to choose from.  You could be a bounty hunter taking jobs from the Fort Lazarus saloon, a bandit raiding every party you come across, a fur trapper living off the land, a prospector exploring the dangerous cave systems, or anything in between!

  • Different game modes:  If you are not a fan of horror, try the "Peaceful(ish)" game mode, which gets rid of all monsters but leaves humans and everything else.  For a true solo survival experience, try the "Wilderness" mode: no monsters, no humans, just you and the animals

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